It’s that time again, Restaurant week!

In our wonderful county of Montco, we are lucky enough to have multiple towns that offer one or two weeks of culinary experience and adventure through a special event called RESTAURANT WEEK!
This week the town of Conshohocken is featuring 17 different delicious local restaurants that will be participating and offering $20 and/or $35 prix fixe or tasting menus.

Check out the list of participating restaurants below and ENJOY!

Bar Lucca  website | menu
Blackfish Restaurant  website | menu
Coyote Crossing  website | menu
Fayette Street Grille  website | menu
Flanigan’s Boat House  website | menu
Guppy’s Good Times  website | menu
Gypsy Saloon  website | menu
Isabella  website | menu
Southern Cross Kitchen  website | menu
Pepperoncini  website | menu
Stella Blu  website | menu
The Lucky Dog Saloon & Grille  website | menu
The StoneRose  website | menu
Tradestone Cafe  website | menu
The Great American Pub  website | menu
Trattoria Totaro  website | menu
Viggiano’s  website | menu


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