With all of the history that Montgomery County holds, its no surprise to learn that some of this areas oldest sights have experienced some paranormal activity. Some of these places may be right in your neighborhood… Beware!!

Lorimer Park

Many apparitions have been seen here, especially in the winter months. There is a stone pyramid set deep in the woods that is said to glow red on certain nights. There was once a mansion set on the property that burned down in the late 1800;s and every now and then you can hear screams coming from the part of the park and smell an intense smoke.

The Hill School Chapel, Pottstown


The chapel was built in late 1800s as a gift from the alumni of the elite boarding school. The Chapel is built in a very dark and Romanesque style. One of the first headmasters of the school, John Meigs supposedly suffered fom severe depression and hung himself from a light in the chapel. Unable to be buried on sacred groud because of the cause of death the school’s greatest headmaster is buried right outside the side doors of the chapel. Students who have snuck into the chapel late at night have reported to see the very same light with Meigs hung himself from sway back and forth. Also in the back of the chapel the stairway to the bell tower is littered with signatures of past alter boys and students. Noises such as screaming ,bells rigning and Latin being spoken can sometimes be heard coming from the stairwells.

Abington Presbyterian Church

A ghost of a small child is said to haunt this historic church.

A graveyard was removed in order to build the church in 1779. The displaced occupants of the graveyard were then placed next to the new church. Ever since then people have reported seeing an apparition of a small child looking in the windows especially at night. It has also been reported that the child will also make appearances during prayers.


Old Baptist Road Murder House, Worcester 


Reports of orbs, mysterious blue lights, and Ghost Dogs, surround an abandoned house where and alleged multiple murder/suicide took place. A man is said to have killed his whole family.

Limerick Power Generating Plant

When the plant was being constructed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, one of the workers was killed when he fell over 100 feet down an open elevator shaft in the unit 2 reactor part of the building. To this day there have been sightings of the ghost on the elevation from which he had fallen from as well as many “cool” spots in a building, which is anything but cool.

Black Horse Inn, Flourtown 


Sitting along Bethlehem Pike is an old building called the Black Horse Inn. The buiding was built 30 years before the formation of the country. General George Washington used it as a rest stop for his men on their way to Valley Forge. When you go intside the building the temperature is like walking into a freezer, even when it was 90 degrees outside. Witnesses have heard footsteps behind them and up on the second floor. In the main bar room there were voices from nowhere and they report it felt as though people surrounding them. On the second floor and the attic it is deserted of any furniture except one room where there is this old bed spring, a 1920s era toilet and a shower head. A picture taken in there and it came out with a 12 year old girl in the 1930s era clothing sitting on the bed looking at the floor. And a picture of the door and picked up a man standing in the doorway. Other pictures showed countless orbs.

The Tracks, Flourtown

A train used to run through Flourtown until the 1960s or 70s. After the train stopped running the tracks remained until 1987 when they were removed and all that remains is a long dirt path that runs behind Penn Oak Rd. Residents in the area sometimes hear the sounds of a train as if it were still running and have seen a man walking along the tracks then disappear. They have also seen a small boy around the Basketball net on Penn Oak Rd, As well as underneath the 309 bridge. The boy is about 5 years old with thick black hair and 1950s clothing.

Keith House County Line Road, Horsham 


In the 1700s a young woman was decapitated by a British Soldier in the revolutionary war. Ever since the tragedy you can see her walking around her house at midnight searching for her lost head.

Whitemarsh Township – Cedar Grove Park

In the woods you can hear screams and see figures walking around at night. There is said to have been a murder in the barn house.

Evansburg Inn , Collegeville

This inn had its beginnings as a farmhouse. During its life it has been a stagecoach stop, a restaurant, and many combinations of the two. It also had been used as a military hospital at one time and was built on an Indian burial ground!

As one would imagine, there is more than one ghost at this inn. One spirit is said to be that of an American Indian. He could be the spirit of one of those in the burial ground, or just someone who stopped there and stayed.  The inn is also said to home to the spirit of a sad, wounded soldier. This spirit likely stem from the time the inn was a hospital.


Selma Mansion- Norristown, Pennsylvania

Selma Mansion, located at the intersection of Airy and Selma Streets in Norristown, is declared haunted by a paranormal investigation group, P.U.P.S (Pennsylvania Underground Paranormal Society). Rebecca Savedow Staff.

Reportedly haunted by members of the various families who lived and died here throughout the ages, there are several reports of disembodied voices, strange noises and various poltergeist-type activities associated with Selma Mansion.

Bryn Mawr College – Merion Hall

Bryn Mawr College’s Merion Hall is rumored to be haunted by Lillian Vickers, who died in 1901. Lillian, according to campus legend, was happy and popular before she died, distraught over the fact that she had leprosy. In some versions, she jumped out a window of the third floor to her death, after accidentally setting herself on fire while trying to treat herself with kerosene. In others, she committed suicide. Now, Lillian’s ghost is said to hang out in the chimney. She opens and closes doors and tinkers with computers, and some students have left offerings of candy for her

Norristown State Hospital 


There are tunnels underground that connect to the buildings in the Norristown State Hospital. It is said that there are ghost in them of the deceased inmates of the hospital. Sometimes they escape and run around down there.

Radnor Hotel – Wayne, Pennsylvania

Previously called the St. David’s Inn, the Radnor Hotel has a haunt in Suite 309. Witnesses say she appears near the ceiling over the master bed, crawls down the wall, and vanishes through the door to the hall. Folks in the hallway also have seen and heard her in the overnight hours.

Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester


Construction on the Peter Wentz Farmstead began in 1744 by Peter and Rosanna Wentz. It was completed in 1758, and it still retains the original features the Wentz family installed. This home is currently furnished; as it is believed to have been at the time the Wentz’s occupied the property.

It was also during the Wentz’s ownership that the farm got its main claim to fame. Yes, Washington DID sleep here! It was at the Wentz farm that Washington made his plans prior to the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777, and this is where he stayed after the battle.

The site was purchased by the county in 1969, and was subsequently restored. This is when it was first noticed that the farmhouse already had tenants. People downstairs have heard footsteps when there is no one upstairs’ to make the sounds. The activity reached a peak during the renovation process, leading workers there to speculate about whether all the work that was going on disturbed “something”. The footsteps that have been heard are described as those of a woman. There is nothing that has been noted in histories that would indicate a probable cause of the haunting. The general atmosphere there seems so light and happy it is hard to imagine that a ghost haunts the place. Maybe the woman, whoever she is, was so happy there she decided to stay.

Villanova University

Villanova University’s 1963 gothic-style St. Mary’s Hall is rumored to be haunted. A ghostly light has been seen (and heard) playing the organ, electrical anomalies have occurred in many rooms, and splashes have come from the empty pool. Campus legend says the ghost is a pregnant nun who had had an affair with a priest and committed suicide. Other campus legends abound regarding some underground tunnels, but reports say these are actually only utility and maintenance passageways.

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