Firebird FestivalWhen I first heard “Firebird Festival”, I was picturing a car show featuring the iconic 80’s Pontiac Firebird.  However, I soon found out I was totally wrong.  In fact, this festival features a bird that is actually set ablaze.  Don’t worry, the bird is not real, but instead an enormous wooden structure resembling the phoenix.  The lighting of the phoenix is part of the grande finale of the annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival, which is in its eighth year.

Many know that a Phoenix is a mythological bird, but don’t know the story behind it.  According to the Firebird Festival website, “The Greeks called it by the name we use today; Phoenix, which means red, the color most associated with fire and with the sun, and described it as resembling something between an eagle and a peacock. Both the Egyptians and the Greeks believed that this fabulous bird lived in Heilopolis, The City of the Sun, and that at the end of its very long life – 500 to 1500 years – it builds its own pyre from incense and precious woods and is consumed in sacred fire. Out of the ashes springs the new phoenix thus symbolizing resurrection and renewal.”

Below are the event details.  Please visit our Facebook Page to share your experiences and thoughts if you have attended this event in the past or plan to attend this year.


Event Details

What:The Eighth Annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival takes place each year in Phoenixville, a very short drive from Montgomery County.  This festival is an all afternoon/evening event that spotlights the arts and is themed after the Phoenix.  The event features storytelling, a family holiday show, live music, a craft fair, and of course the burning of the wooden phoenix.  Please visit the event’s official website for a complete listing and further details.

When: Afternoon/Evening of Saturday, December 10th

Where: Various locations on Bridge Street in Phoenixville 

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