General Contractor Montgomery County PAAre you looking for a RELIABLE Contractor to help with a home improvement project? Well, we have one that we highly recommend, Big Jeff’s Contractors. First, how can you not want to work with someone who goes by the name of “Big Jeff”? I mean, come on, anyone who goes by the name Big Jeff HAS to know his stuff when it comes to General Contracting.

Big Jeff Contractors can help you with a wide variety of general contracting projects. From building a pond in your backyard to renovating a bathroom, Big Jeff Contractors can handle it all. Not only can Big Jeff Contractors handle all of your General Contracting projects, but their prices are also extremely reasonable for the QUALITY of work.

With the above being said, I know from experience that there are a lot of General Contracts in Montgomery County, PA who “knows their stuff”, but that’s only half of the battle. In my opinion, you want to find a General Contractor who “knows his stuff”, but more importantly, is RELIABLE. When hiring a General Contractor you want to find someone who’s going to show up at the job everyday until the job is finished. Too many contractors out there are flaky when it comes to completing work. Some days they show up, other days they don’t. Sometimes they don’t come back to a job for weeks at a time. When it comes to completing your home improvement projects, you want someone who wants to complete the job just as much as you do. Big Jeff Contractors fits the bill.

Here are a few of the many services that Big Jeff Contractors provides:

  • Install patio, deck, sidewalks, driveway
  • Install/Maintain flowerbeds and gardens
  • Build a pond
  • Renovate bathroom
  • Renovate kitchen
  • Lay tile floors
  • Install windows
  • Indoor painting
  • Install front door
  • Run heavy equipment (backhoe)
  • Repair water line
  • Repair sanitary line
  • Lawn care
  • Install fence

If you decide to hire Big Jeff Contractors for your next home improvement project you will be working with a General Contractor who has spent decades perfecting his craft, who’s prices fit in your budget, and someone who’s going to show up everyday. You can schedule a free assessment by contacting the owner of Big Jeff Contractors, Jeff Thomas, at 215-399-6205.

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