Gold Silver Dealer Montgomery CountyThis post isn’t about telling you whether you should be selling your gold and silver or buying gold or silver. Montco Happening is about letting you know what’s happening in Montgomery County, PA, not about giving you financial advice. With that said, part of our mission is to support our local community. We want to make sure Montgomery County residents have the best information available for all things Montgomery County. Right now you’re seeing WE BUY GOLD signs everywhere you drive, reading WE BUY GOLD ads in the mail, and watching WE BUY GOLD commercials on TV. Sounds pretty reasonable, right? Need cash? Sell your gold and silver to one of the companies that you received promotional materials from. The only question now is, are you getting a good deal for your gold and silver? For those of you who are interested in buying gold and silver now or in the future, are you getting the best price and the best information when you go to buy from one of these companies? Instead of picking a company out of a hat, why not go to a reputable gold and silver dealer in Montgomery County, PA?

Jerry’s Coin & Stamp Supply

Jerry’s Coin & Stamp Supply is run by Jerry’s daughter, Joanne. Jerry and Joanne have been in business for decades here in Montgomery County. When it comes to buying and selling gold and silver coins, bullion, or bars, Jerry and Joanne know their stuff. What’s great is that Joanne will actually make the time to talk with her customers. A lot of gold and silver dealers act like they have no time to answer questions and some even make you feel uncomfortable. It’s not our fault that we weren’t taught about gold and silver. If you’re just getting into buying and selling gold and silver then you might have questions. It’s better to go somewhere that you can feel comfortable. Joanne does a great job of that.

Jerry’s Coin & Stamp Supply is located on 1202 Bethlehem Pike in Line Lexington, PA. Joanne operates by appointment only, so give her a call before stopping by. You can reach Joanne at 215-822-1425.

Republic Precious Metals Inc

Republic Precious Metals Inc is located at 1721 Old York Road in Abington, PA. It’s just down the street from the Willow Grove Mall. Republic Precious Metals is run by Bill. It’s a great little shop that buys and sells gold and silver jewelery, coins, bullion, and bars. I’ve known Bill for a long time and I even had him make the engagement ring that I gave to my fiance. He did an outstanding job. Bill is another gold and silver dealer who will give you time if you are inquisitive. Bill is the quiet type, but when someone has interest in gold and silver, he will take time to talk with you. Buying and selling gold and silver at Republic Precious Metals of Abington is a comfortable process and you can be assured that you’re receiving a fair deal. You can reach Bill at Republic Precious Metals by phone at 215-830-8800 ‎.

Everyone has different reasons for buying and selling gold and silver. Some folks who are buying gold and silver see it as protection against rising prices. Others see it as an investment. Those selling gold and silver may want to take some profits from years of investing. Others may have received it from a deceased loved-one and simply want to get rid of it. Whatever your reason for buying or selling gold and silver, make sure you conduct your business with a reputable gold and silver dealer in Montgomery County, PA. 

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