Question MarkIt is our primary purpose here at MontCo Happening to share ideas with the community about various ways to get out and enjoy the county.  Over the past year, we’ve highlighted many of the well-known destinations.  We know, though, that there are a handful of hidden gems within the county, and wanted to start sharing some with our readers.

We’ve started putting together a list of the lessor known places, venues, sites, and restaurants located in the region.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  If you are willing to give up your “best kept secret” of Montgomery County, please email us at or leave a message below.  We can do research on your suggestion for the article, or even interview you!

Below are ideas of what to share to with the community:

  • Small restaurants / diners
  • Cool bars / coffee shops
  • Interesting boutique shops
  • Lessor known historical sites
  • Artistic work / unique architecture
  • Walking / hiking paths
  • Great scenery / landscape
  • Attractions / To Do’s

Montgomery County PA Map 

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