Sometimes you have to wonder if fate really does play a role in love… After hearing the following story from a local Montgomery County, PA couple, I just can’t say that it doesn’t…

George grew up in Montgomery County, PA. He spent most of his youth playing sports, going to school, and traveling back and forth to see his dad. George’s parents got divorced when George was 8. After graduating from high school George decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps. He wanted to help protect and serve his country. George completed boot camp and went on to complete his first tour in Iraq.

During George’s second tour oversees depression began to creep in as George became lonely.  Longing to return home to friends and family, he was relieved when his second tour ended, thinking it would be his last. A few months after coming home George started getting used to civilian life again. Overtime, he began thinking about going to college and taking a new direction. That’s when the news came, George had to go back overseas for a third tour. He soon sunk bank into depression with the thought of being away from home for another extended period.

inn at bowman's hillTwo weeks before departing for his third tour George went bowling with some friends. That’s when he met Amanda. During what they now call “the infamous bowling shoe exchange” George and Amanda met. Somehow one of George’s size 10 bowling shoes go mixed up with Amanda’s size 6’s, and vice versa. Upon realizing the mix up when they both approached the bowling counter at the same time, George and Amanda shared their first laugh and conversation together. Over the next two weeks they spent alot of time together and grew closer.  But then came the day George was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan.

George didn’t want to leave, but he knew he had no choice. Amanda promised that she’d write him often when he was away in order to help him keep his spirits up. And that’s exactly what she did. Although time went by slowly for George, he was able to maintain a positive attitude while overseas.  Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Finally George arrived back home safely. Guess who was there to meet him?

Now, three years later, George and Amanda are happily married going on two years. They also have their first baby on the way (Congrats!). George is getting a degree in Computer Science. He and Amanda are living in Oaks – Montgomery County in a townhouse they recently purchased.  To this day,  George and Amanda continue to bowl most Wednesday nights…


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