Let’s face it, trying to find a reliable dog walker these days is almost as difficult as finding a trustworthy babysitter. When it comes down to it, our pets are our kids, and that’s including those of us who actually have kids! Our four legged friends need and deserve someone who will give them the same kind of personal attention that we so freely give to them day in and day out. Thanks to Aaron Presier and his already successful owned and operated local business, Bow Wow Pet Sitters, finding that same kind of personal care is no longer an issue! Not only does Aaron take care of our very own Montco Happening mascots Riley & Franklin, but he’s the only recommendation we could genuinely give to our counties fellow dog lovers. Aaron believes that every pup deserves the same kind of personal attention from a caregiver as they get from their owners, if not better! “I knew in my heart that they needed me as much as I needed them, and that if I could give them the personal attention they deserve each day, that everyone would benefit”.   Aaron Presier


“Chance” and his love for tennis…balls

As proud and sometimes fanatical dog owners, we found it incredibly hard to find the kind of care and service that we felt our animals craved while we were away. Someone who would give them the same kind of attention and affection that they get from us! To have piece of mind while we were putting in longer hours at work, or just trying to enjoy a weekend summer vacation. Knowing that our dog was at home having fun while getting the chance to, well….be a dog!

Aaron at Bow Wow Pet Sitters makes customized visits to separate homes each day to care for his customers pets in any way they might need. Whether it be 40344_437957152928_505762928_4788075_7719703_nfeeding, walking or cleaning, he is there to help! For newer clients, he encourages starting with an initial ”meet & greet” before care begins. This gives his customers the chance to see how he interacts with their pets first hand, and so that they are as comfortable as possible with leaving the “kids” in his care. Each visit made there after is a half hour of personalized attention and never a minute less! In fact, you’ll come home each day to a custom made journal describing the details of your dogs day with Bow Wow Pet Sitters.

This small local business is a great alternative to boarding and/or kennels. Why take them somewhere when they can stay at home and be comfortable in their usual surroundings? Why stress over wondering if ”Rex” is feeling sad because he’s alone all day, or if “Murphy” is eating the couch because he’s bored and frustrated while you’re at work. Aaron’s passion for dogs, cats, and all animals alike enables him to do what he loves every day. His business model is simple, to give as many of our four legged friends the love that they so willingly give us. To expand throughout Montgomery County is his immediate goal, and thanks to so many wonderful people and pets he is already achieving that. As time passes, Aaron would love for Bow Wow Pet Sitters to expand to surrounding counties while helping make a positive difference in the lives of some very deserving dogs!



Aaron’s favorite part of running Bow Wow Pet Siiters is of course the time that he get’s to spend with the dogs each day. Watching them fetching balls and chasing frisbees. Seeing the smiles on their faces as they realize that the entire field they just drove to is exclusively for them! Above all, Aaron said there’s nothing he loves more than watching his clients enjoy the simple things in life. After all it’s what they do best!

“Seeing how happy it makes them to run on a sunny day, to dig in snow or roll in the grass, that’s all the gratification I will ever need. They have so much appreciation for even just a half hour of exercise and attention. I will forever admire them for their simplicity, and for helping me realize how much we all take for granted sometimes. To see them living in the moment each day, not worrying about the future or regretting the past. Seeing that makes me excited to go to work everyday, and I always make sure the owners get lots of photographs so that they can see the same”!   ~Aaron Presier

bow wow

Maya & Mia

Bow Wow pet Sitters is able to guarantee that your pet will continuously see new sights and sounds. For example, something as simple as switching walking routes can make all the difference in your dogs behavior. Aaron maintains the philosophy that taking your dog to new places is one of the most important steps towards building a stronger relationship between you and your pet. All of his clients dogs know their backyards all too well, so he enjoys giving them the chance to explore new environments as frequently as possible.

If you are interested in contacting Aaron or would just like to learn more about his services, call #267-405-2297, or swing swing by the Facebook page at Bow Wow Pet Sitters. There you will find more information and photos of his current pups. Check it out and make sure to tell him that Montco Happening sent you, your pups will thank you!

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