Since June of 1989, Chiaro’s Restaurant in Skippack has been serving our residents the very best in homemade Italian food. Family owned and operated, this local BYOB and Italian restaurant have made their mark in our local community as the place to go for quality, scratch made dishes. Everything you will see and taste here at Chiaro’s is prepped, prepared and personally served by the Minopoli family and their small staff of dedicated employees. Owner Joe and Josephine Minopoli have put their hearts into what has become one of Skippack’s longest standing restaurants. A fact that can only be accredited to their passion, loyalty and love for food. All of which is hand created in their small and personable kitchen.

When it comes to ingredients, there is never a substitute for the real thing. This is a belief that the Minopoli family puts into practice each day Chiaro’s. After so many years in business, it can sometimes be difficult to stay consistent with the all overwhelming details of running a restaurant. But the skills and passion that IMG_2936-2Joe and Josephine bring to their food has been passed down from generations. Cooking classic Italian dishes from simple, fresh ingredients, in a kitchen full of family and love. That’s how this local family was raised, how they have brought up their children, and how they have made the appetites of Montgomery County residents better because of it. All of the Minopoli daughters have helped maintain a quality of service at the restaurant over the years. Daniela, who is currently attending culinary school is a wealth of knowledge and a pivotal contribution the back of the house, while younger sister Marina adds to the overall experience by greeting and welcoming customers.
Chiaro’s has created their own small family, one that is entirely dedicated to feeding and satisfying yours! All of the cooks here take the necessary steps to ensure that your dishes are coming from local, fresh, old world ingredients. With a corporate based super store right across the street, it’s nice to know that a family owned restaurant like this one has stayed true to their roots and traditional recipes. From Italy to Brooklyn then all the way to Skippack Village, the Minopoli family have become an intricate part of its local food scene thanks to their emphasis on family, food and community. It is the perfect place to go for a fun atmosphere where the food reigns King, or Queen in this case! Much like Chiaro’s and the town of Skippack, the food here has never lost its identity, and it never will.
SONY DSCThe dedication to their their customers is what has helped this small business thrive over the years. Even during our interview, the sound of laughter and familiarity could be overheard between staff and regular daily customers. It’s clearly the kind of small restaurant where everyone knows your name, but if they don’t, the Minopoli family will be sure to learn it! They are quick to ask how your family is doing, how work has been and what the kids are up to. After your time eating here, every visit thereafter will be more like stopping in to enjoy great food with friends, a very rare thing to find these days. Chiaro’s Restaurant has successfully matched their culinary expertise with an emphasis on friendly customer service, one that fits right into the Skippack community.

Daniella, Josephine and Marina Minopoli

Daniela, Josephine and Marina Minopoli

Chiaro’s cooks just about any Italian dish you could possibly imagine, from the always popular hand tossed pizza to chicken parmigiana, bruschetta, lasagna, fettucine, spaghetti, meatballs, and that’s just for starters. Other food favorites include cheesesteaks, burgers, appetizers, salads, sandwiches and fresh seafood to choose from. If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, they have an amazing selection of desserts, including hand made cannoli prepared daily by Josephine herself! If that wasn’t enough to get your stomach rumbling, they also carry and support Montco’s favorite ice cream from Nelson’s!

The menu here is, how do we put it….enormous! With so many options, you would think most of the food here is pre cooked, or frozen. However, you won’t find anything close to that here! The Minopoli’s never compromise quality, and pride themselves on using fresh, local ingredients. The family here knows that our county is chocked full of foodie fanatics, and they have always believed that where other restaurants opt to take short cuts, they will always remain unwaivered in putting forth fresh dishes that the families of Skippack and surrounding areas truly deserve.
SONY DSCAs members and supporters of the Skippack community for more than 26 years, the Minopoli family offer great opportunities for our local residents to fill their bellies without breaking their wallets. Their new daily specials are more than worth taking advantage of, and are a great show of effort from the family to help bring in large families for a dinner that is reasonably priced. In addition to daily specials, Chiaro’s does full service catering for local events, celebrations and get togethers. The family and staff here look forward to seeing all their regulars while also creating all new ones. Stop in next time you’re in town to grab a slice or just say hi, but don’t leave without trying one of Josephine’s cannolis!

Chiaro’s New Daily Specials
(Eat in only, 4pm-close)
Monday: 10% Off Your Check’s Total
Tuesday: Spaghetti Night; $5.95 for Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread
Wednesday: Kids eat free with the purchase one one entree’
Thursday: Buy one dinner, get the other one 1/2 off 
Sunday: One large pizza, 8 wings and 2 liter of soda just $19.99 (All Day)

Chiaro’s Restaurant

4118 W. Skippack Pike, PA 19474
(610) 584-4451
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