Fall Table SettingThis post is brought to you by our local guest writer Michelle Schaffel, an Interior Decorator serving Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  As the owner of Inspired By Design, she uses creative solutions to provide balance and harmony in any given environment.  For more decorating tips and ideas, check out her company’s Facebook page.

Halloween is over, but you might not be ready to decorate your Christmas tree just yet.  So how do you decorate your home at this time of year so it’s warm and festive, and on your way to Winter?  Here are five practical decorating tips that I recommend for Fall:


Add layers: Like you are probably doing with your wardrobe right now, start adding layers to your home décor to warm up the space.   Add pillows and throw blankets in thicker cottons, wool blends, and chenille.  Even splurge on a little cashmere throw for your favorite chair.  Whatever your budget, these items are now available and will create a warmer feeling in your home.

Add Layers

Add layers to warm up the space

Play with Lighting: With the dark arriving early now, it’s even more important to have proper lighting in your home.  Use dimmers for less harsh lighting overhead.  Use table lamps more than fluorescents to create atmosphere.  Switching to pink light bulbs will often change the hue of the room and create warmth.  Light candles whenever you’re home and enjoy the glow.

Set the table: Whether Thanksgiving is at your house this year or not, this time of year a set table is beautiful.  Create a festive mood with a textured runner or tablecloth, add table chargers for another layer of luxury and set the table with your favorite dishes and wine glasses.  Fresh flowers are always nice or add a bowl of potpourri with colors from the Fall (and more candles!).  Any time you have a guest they’ll want to join your dinner party.

Set The Table

Attractive table setting in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Think Warm Colors: When you’re thinking of the ocean and sand in summertime, blues and beiges work well in your home.  This time of year, think about the leaves on the trees and the color of warm apple cider.  Without completely re-painting your home, you can modify your colors with accessories.  Golds, chocolate browns and rich saturated colors feel great for Fall.  Also think jewel tones (Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires) and add them to your home décor.

Celebrate the Season: If you like decorating with turkeys and pilgrims, have fun with your décor and get a little silly.  Hang the turkey hand print from your child prominently on the fridge.  If you like the sentiment but want something more subtle, try spraying some pine cones gold for sparkle and place them in a bowl on your coffee table or mantle.  Get creative, the possibilities are endless.

Turkey Hand Print

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