Kirsten Sowers is not your typical high school student. In fact, she seems to have already done more in her young life than most of us could imagine doing in a lifetime. We first noticed Kirsten this past March at the 14th annual Philadelphia Red Ball event. The upscale gala was host to over one thousand guests which included local residents, prominent business owners, news personalities and social leaders from in and around our region. Among all of these guests however, one voice distinctively stood out from all the rest, and that voice belonged to none other than Kirsten Sowers.

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The 14 year old Wissahickon High School student was singing her heart out in front of an intimidating crowd, yet her voice brought guests to a stand still and yes we mean that literally! It wasn’t until after her performance that we learned not only how young Kirsten was, but that she’s from our very own Montgomery County. The more we got to know about her story, the more we wanted to share it with all of you. Montco Happening is proud to give you a glimpse into the life of a talented young local who has been inspiring lives with her angelic voice and enormous heart.

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Kirsten has been singing on stage for crowds since she was eight years old, which might explain her total composure and professionalism at the Philadelphia Red Ball event. After just two years of performances, Kirsten started her own Kirsten Kares Foundation which helps directly support members of the military, children in need, abused animals, those caught in natural disasters, and recognized charities supporting similar areas. The young singer has been able to partner with a multitude of local charities to help them raise more than $70,000 in donations while also spreading awareness and building support. What’s even more heart warming is that Kirsten donates 100% of money collected to the specific charity in need, and even donates her own time to perform at the events as well. Her trade mark is a custom painted guitar that is signed by famous figures which is then auctioned off in order to raise money for a charity.

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True to her craft and sense of creativity, Kirsten writes all of her own music and now has three songs now on I-Tunes. One of those songs in particular, “Hope Starts Here”, is a fundraising song for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. She is hoping to re-release this song as a duet with a major artist to help raise as much funds as possible for Alex’s. This past summer, Kirsten worked to bring the Teen Nation Anti-Bullying Tour to the Central Bucks School District and her old Elementary school, Shady Grove. Throughout all of her busy schedule of events and appearances, Kirsten is still able to stay in touch with her Wissahickon High School peers to keep up with her work and grades.

1782178_665701440152895_102078231_nDespite her age, Kirsten Sowers has put together a body of work that covers hundreds of performances in locations all across our region, almost all of which have helped benefit a great local cause. We think that Kirsten deserves to be supported in the same way she supports others. That her music be shared, her story be told and her efforts be recognized. As we said before, this isn’t just a story of a high school singer with a ton of natural talent. It’s the story of how she chooses to use that talent to help those most in need.  Check out some of Kirsten’s work below and help spread the word on one of Montgomery County’s brightest young stars.


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