Simple Brandz, Inc was founded in 2010, by Sherry Post, Montgomery County Native and Hatfield Community Member.  The Montgomery County, Pennsylvania company is based in the heart of Hatfield and creates a lifestyle of products formulated for people who aspire to be physically fit, on a weight loss journey or anyone that is looking to make a healthier lifestyle change.  Simple’s products are perfect for the superior Adventure Athlete and an amazing addition to those with health conditions and aren’t getting enough nutrition in their diet.  Sherry spent years looking to find something that wasn’t just healthy but something that was enjoyable. As an Adventure Athlete and Military Veteran, Sherry Post proclaimed Simple Brandz, Inc’s products to be the ‘Official Food for Adventure Athletes’.

After years of mixing and tasting Simple Fuel was created.  Simple Fuel ‘All Natural Body Food’ is a dietary supplement/meal replacement packed with what you need to eat daily for a healthy and energized lifestyle.  Along with proper exercise from a daily walk in the park, the crossfit, or even the hard core weight lifter this nutritious powder form added to water, milk (almond/hemp), or even yogurt gives you Superfruits, Supergreens and Proteins in one serving.  A Gluten Free, Feingold Certified product can be a nutritional help to those that have Celiacs Disease.  Simple Fuel Simply Chocolate is also packed with a blend of SuperHealers, SuperMetabolizers, Prebiotics, Vitamins and Minerals.

Simple Granola, another big enjoyable product brought to you by Simple Brandz Inc, is a 1 oz packed round of 4 grams of Protein, Energy, and Iron made from natural ingredients.  Products are Soy and Gluten Free which was also named Feingold Certified in January 2011.  Each 4oz bag contains 4 rounds; one for your pre-work out, another during your work out, one for when you are done working out, and the last one is an extra cause they are just that good you will be wanting that one more.  Flavors selection of Original, Crunchy, Breakfast, Simply Refreshing, Vanilla Expresso, Mocha Java, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle,  Fuel are now available online and at select retailers. All Flavors that include chocolate are also dairy, gluten and soy free.

Simple Brandz, Inc’s factory is in downtown Hatfield, PA.  Products can be found online ( and locally at your Supermarket, Café, Gym, Deli or your local Health Food store.  Check out Simple’s ‘All Natural Body Food’ products Simple Fuel and Simple Granola.  Simple Brandz, Inc is a host of local community events in the Montgomery and Bucks County area.  Most events are listed on the website under Events.  We are also big supporters of some of the up and coming adventure race events that will be taking place in the Tri-State area. Follow us on social media places like Facebook (, Twitter (Simple Fuel) and the blog on Tumblr (Simple Lifestyle).

Simple Brandz, Inc also supports a forming non-profit organization,“Sherry’s Project,” which collects donations of essentials to ship over to our fellow men and women serving in the military that are currently stationed and serving afar.  Additional information on “Sherry’s Project” can be found on the website. Donations of either essentials or cash can be made. For cash donations please contact 

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