Colored FlowerThis post is brought to you by our local guest writer Michelle Schaffel, an Interior Decorator serving Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  As the owner of Inspired By Design, she uses creative solutions to provide balance and harmony in any given environment.  For more decorating tips and ideas, check out her company’s Facebook page.

Even from a very young age, we are attracted to certain colors.  And when used properly for decorating, color can promote intense, energizing feelings as well as peaceful and soothing ones.  It all depends on you, and what makes you feel great.  If you’re having trouble deciding what color to put on your walls, take a look in your closet and see what you find.  Often, what you wear is what you will enjoy in your home as well.  Below are some samples of colors- what they say about your personality, and the feelings they can evoke in your home:

If you like RED: This is a dramatic, stimulating, and rich color…think of the ‘red carpet treatment’ and red roses.  People who like red often enjoy a pleasant and colorful environment.  They can also be energetic and strong, capable of overcoming obstacles that would stop others.  LOVE is a strong word association for this color.  Usually best in small doses with décor, red is a great accent color.



If you like YELLOW: This is the most visible color.  That’s why street signs are often yellow.  Cheerful and happy, associated with the sun and warmth, this color can be overpowering in large doses as well.   Great for spaces where you need to feel energized like an office, playroom, or kitchen.   Yellow people are often original, powerful thinkers, enjoy being productive, and focusing on projects.



If you like BLUE: This color has a universal appeal.  Reminiscent of the peaceful sky and the calming ocean, it’s perfect for spaces you want to feel restful, like bedrooms and bathrooms.  Blue lovers have a refined sense of beauty and are also goal-oriented.  They enjoy a relaxing environment and appreciate life.



If you like GREEN: The color of nature and health.  Green is very soothing and works great in dining rooms or any room in the house.  It is easy on the eyes, if selected properly, and promotes a sense of peace as well.  Green people are strong-willed and determined, but easy-going and original.  They work hard to improve their lives and are good at breaking up arguments by offering solutions.



If you like VIOLET: The feeling of royalty and wealth is what this color evokes.  Many young females gravitate towards this color.  Also a great accent color, violet can be used to fancy up a space and create a luxurious feel.  Purple people are often spontaneous.  They appreciate beautiful surroundings, are relaxed, and self-assured.  They are unique, and work well with others.



What is your favorite color?  Does this describe you?  What do you see a lot of in your closet or drawers?  Is there a color not listed above that you’d like to know more about?  The key is to pick a color that you love and find the right shade and hue for the space in your home.  Use color to compliment the room, not dominate it.  Trying a sample on the wall is always a great way to really see how it looks, in all different lights and angles.  Have fun with color and let it inspire you!

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