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For those of you out there that have never heard of Zern’s Farmer’s Market, we need to inform you that the name may be a bit misleading.  True you can find local fresh produce at Zern’s similar to any typical farmer’s market, but Zern’s goes above and beyond the “farmer’s market” designation to offer visitors much more.  “From plants to pants, socks to signage, weekly live auctions, antiques, tools and miscellaneous bric-a-brac,” they have it all.  In fact, visitors and vendors even come from other states and countries to spend a day at the market.


Once voted “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine, Zern’s has quite a history.  Almost a century ago in 1922, William Zern started road side stands and a family farm auction, referred to as “The Sale.”  Overtime, neighbors joined and the market grew in size and variety.  In 1966 a fire completely destroyed Zern’s, but it was soon rebuilt and prevailed.

If you are looking for an interesting family outing, we definitely recommend visiting Zern’s.  The market is located in Gilbertsville, PA (Montgomery County) and is situated on PA Route 73 close to PA Route 100 (Philadelphia Avenue near Bartman Avenue).  When we say they have everything, we really mean it!  As advertised, the following are just some of what you can find at Zern’s: funnel cake, corn relish, shoofly pie, chow-chow, homemade ice cream, fresh produce, baked goods, meats, seafood, poultry, plants, yard sculptures, new and vintage clothing, coins, stamps, toys, spices, hardware, new and used books, violins and flutes, beautiful junk, hidden treasures, memories and maybe a forgotten piece of the past.  Also on site, you will find a vision center, camera shop, smoke shop and barbershop.

Zern’s, a.k.a. the “World’s Largest Dutch Treat,” also offers live auctions every Friday and Saturday.  If you have never attended a live auction, they are very entertaining, even if you just plan on spectating.  Between the auctions and over 400 vendors, there are great deals on almost anything you could imagine.  For this reason, we will be taking another trip to Zern’s sometime soon.  Hope to see you there!

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