Photography by Amy McDermott at Pixxie Salon in Ambler, PA

Judith’s entry photo

When Judith Owens awoke at her home in Pottstown on November 2, 2016, she didn’t know that a big change was coming her way. What she did know, though, is that she was ready for one. But she also knew that she needed support.

Back in June 2016, Montco Happening launched the Montgomery County Ultimate Makeover Contest, a head-to-toe makeover contest valued at over $5,000 in goods and services from some of Montgomery County’s leading health, wellness, & beauty professionals. Over 100 women entered to win. Judith’s entry struck a chord; this makeover would give her an opportunity to prioritize herself after teaching at a local Catholic High School for thirty years, celebrating 29 years of marriage, raising a son who is about to graduate college, and just recently being diagnosed with Lupus.

After making it through the first round, Judith relied on the support of her friends and family to take home the grand prize, competing against 5 finalists.

It all came to a head on November 2, 2016 at the 2016 Happenista Night Out. Judith anxiously awaited in the audience for the big announcement.

For 4 months, Judith participated in makeover services including:

If you haven’t gotten a chance to follow along to Judith’s journal entries, you can find them below:


We caught up with Judith at her final reveal photoshoot at Pixxie Salon. Check out reveal day photos and Judith’s final interview below.

Montco Happening: At the moment of your final “reveal”, what was going through your head?

Judith: I couldn’t believe that I was looking at myself in the mirror!

Montco Happening: What was the response like from your family and friends?

Judith: My husband loved it!   My family and friends also remarked how they loved my hair.   Also, many of my students complimented me on my new look.

Montco Happening: If you could give one piece of advice to yourself just after you won the makeover but before you began the process, what would you say?

Judith: I would say that you should take advantage of all the opportunities that were provided for me.

Montco Happening: What are your biggest take-a-ways from the experience?

Judith: My biggest take-a-ways from this experience is that you are never too old to start a new path in your life!

Montco Happening: What was your favorite part of the makeover and why?

Judith: My favorite part of the makeover was my classes Sarah at  Bair Knuckles Strength.  I had fun but worked hard at the same time.  Sarah always made me feel comfortable and motivated me an the other members of the class were also fun and supportive.

Montco Happening: What did you learn about yourself during the process?

Judith: I learned that I still can see results if I make the effort.

Montco Happening: What is a habit that you’ve picked up during the makeover that you’ll stick with?

Judith: Consistent levels of activity.   Making the effort to not be sedentary.

Montco Happening: What has been the biggest adjustment?  

Judith: My short hair-  it has been a great adjustment though!

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