Montgomery County Business helpAt my day job, I run a Social Media Marketing agency. I started Catalyst Marketers in 2009 to help small business owners understand how to best use social media to reach more people with their message, build strong relationships with customers and local consumers, and ultimately increase sales. I use the Catalyst blog to educate business owners on what online marketing tools are out there and how to use them successfully for their business. Being that a lot of the readers of Montco Happening are business owners I wanted to bring some of my social media marketing tips to the Montco Happening readers.

What Can I Expect from the ‘Social Media in MontCo’ Blog Series?

Each month I will write an article geared towards educating you the following topics:

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Location Marketing
  • Online Contests
  • Testimonials

I will be sure to make all of the information very actionable. When information is too theoretical it doesn’t help business owners understand how to practically execute on the information. I will discuss social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We will learn about location marketing tools like Google Places, Facebook Places, foursquare, etc. I will go over how to use each of these tools effectively and not just as an advertising channel. Connecting with customers online takes the right strategy and each business is different. We will go over the importance of understanding your audience and your goals when starting a social media marketing campaign.

Too many businesses make the mistake of jumping into social media without the proper planning and research. Don’t make that mistake. Stop by here each month to read up on the latest social media marketing tips. We can use the comments section below, as well as the Montco Happening Facebook page and Montco Happening Twitter account to discuss each article. If you have questions, want to add something to the discussion, or share a testimonial, be sure to leave a comment either on the article below or hit us up on our social media channels.

Next Month’s Topic: Explain social media marketing and discuss how it can help businesses grow sales 

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