When summer arrives in Montgomery County, people expect months of relaxation and leisure.  The headaches of filing taxes are long gone, the kid’s are off from school, vacations are approaching and the weather is quite pleasant.  However, this isn’t always the case.  Before you know it, it’s humid and 97 degrees out, you spent well over $4.00 a gallon on gas, and your car’s air-conditioning just broke while sitting in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic on the Turnpike.  As the temperature in your car continues to rise, so does your stress level.

When faced with a similar situation to the one mentioned above, MontCo Happenings suggests you immediately take one of the following measures.  The below are surefire ways to forget your worries and restore yourself to sanity.

Yoga: This discipline, originating in ancient India, focuses on reaching a state of perfect tranquility.  Note that there are a number of different types of yoga styles when choosing a class to attend.  The Anusara style is great for mood enhancement and beginners.  Bikram on the other hand is practiced in a 100 degree sauna-like room and is better for those looking to burn serious calories.  If you find yourself stressed out, Hatha may prove beneficial with its calming effects.

Within Montgomery County, there are yoga studios in almost every town.  If you’re in the Conshohocken area, we suggest checking out RYAH Yoga and Health which was named “Best in Philly 2008.”

Massage: Massages, which involve manipulation of your muscles and connective tissues, are excellent for promoting relaxation. Considered the go-to method of stress relief by many, massages come in a number of forms similar to Yoga.  Popular varieties include deep tissue, oil, and body rock.

A popular spa in MontCo offering massages is Jolie Spa in Blue Bell.  This full service spa recently won the “Salon Today 200” award.  If you are looking for gift ideas for Father’s Day, Francesco & Giovanni Salon & Spa in Trooper, PA has a number of special packages available for the holiday.

Tea: This drink, which has been around for thousands of years, is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water.  Many find a warm cup of tea with its soothing aroma to be relaxing.  Teas lower in caffeine such as green and white teas may be your best choice if you find your stress levels high.  Certain herbal teas such as chamomile teas are especially well-known for their calming effect.

Covered in a previous MontCo Happening article, Thyme For Tea in Lansdale is the place to go in Montgomery County if you want the complete tea drinking experience.  If you’re more interested in drinking your tea at home, visit Teavana in Willow Grove for any tea related item you could possibly need.

Meditation/Quiet Time: Sometimes all you need is a quick escape from the hectic lifestyle most lead today.  Simply turning off your cell phone and taking a walk by yourself can be enough to put your mind at ease.  Various forms of meditation and deep breathing techniques are proven methods of de-stressing and can be done almost anywhere.

If you are serious about some “quiet time” we recommend traveling to Evansburg State Park or any of the other parks within Montgomery County that offer peaceful settings.

Lounge: Another option to calm your nerves is to lounge around.  This might include a coffee shop, book store, cafe, or local library.  Although we don’t recommend ingesting large amounts of caffeine to relax, all the places mentioned above provide a quiet, comfortable setting that’s perfect for reading or simply unwinding. 

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