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This post is brought to you by our local guest writer Michelle Schaffel, an Interior Decorator serving Montgomery and Bucks Counties.  As the owner of Inspired By Design, she uses creative solutions to provide balance and harmony in any given environment.  For more decorating tips and ideas, check out her company’s Facebook page.

Inspired by Design, LLC
Congratulations! You survived and hopefully enjoyed the holidays! There’s still a cold chill in the air and many months until the flowers start to bloom.  Once the holiday décor comes down, how do you keep the warmth in the house that comes with the season?  How do you SATISFY YOUR SENSES at home?  Here are some sensory decorating tips to help you get through the REST of Winter:


SIGHT: Be sure to keep those reds throughout the winter months.  Not only is this a positive FIRE color for Feng Shui, it creates visual warmth.  Say goodbye to the browns and golds, and heavy hit on the jewel tones and saturated pops of color, like the blue, fuschia, purple, and green.  Black can be dramatic too, but make sure you have proper lighting or it can feel cold.

Winter Decorating

Heavy hit on the jewel tones and saturated pops of color, like the blue, fuschia, purple, and green..

SOUND: Since Santa is no longer ‘coming to town’, explore classical music options or enjoy your favorite hard rock hit on the radio.  Having music in the house will always brighten up your day.

SMELL: You may have made enough cookies to last the rest of the year, but how about continuing the tradition with wonderful smelling candles in sumptuous scents like cinnamon, gingerbread or pecan pie?

Winter Smells

TOUCH: Continue to play up those luxurious throw blankets.  In the middle of winter, it’s not overkill to have something soft on every couch or chair; in your living space and bedroom.  Stick with the cheniles, velvets, and cashmere blends but make sure they don’t itch you as some wool blend materials can.  Don’t be afraid to go a little ‘wild’ with faux fur throws on cold winter nights as well.

Winter Decorating

TASTE: This is a harder one for decorators and design enthusiasts…here, I’d recommend using your imagination and cooking foods that satisfy your winter palate- like Butternut Squash soup or a hearty beef stew.  These not only taste and smell good, but will look beautiful on any kitchen table.

Winter Taste

Celebrate the Season: If you love snow, but don’t like to be outside in the cold,  experiment with textures and shades of white and create a ‘winter wonderland’ in one room, or several.  Most stores will have super deals on white this time of year.  They don’t know how ‘winter’ white can be.  Get creative, the possibilities are endless.


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