Ice Hockey Montgomery CountyI don’t know about you, but ice hockey is one of my favorite sports. I grew up playing. My dad had me on skates when I was three years old. I actually started playing for the Bristol Blazers over in Bristol, PA. It was so much fun. Every weekend we were traveling somewhere cool to play or we were staying local and hanging out after the games every night. Now, as an adult, I don’t get a chance to play as much. When I do want to play it’s tough to find ice hockey rinks in Montgomery County that offer ice time for old guys like me. So after doing a little research on all of the rinks around the area, I figured that there were more people out there like me who love to play hockey, but don’t know where all of the rinks are located.

Hatfield Ice Arena in Colmar, PA

Hatfield Ice Arena is one of the closest ice hockey rinks to me and I’ve been there a few times to play. I can say that it’s a good rink to go to for men’s leagues, open ice hockey, and public skating. Hatfield Ice Arena is located at 350 County Line Road in Colmar, PA. It’s really easy to get to as you can take route 309 to Trewigtown Road to County Line Road. Hatfield Ice Arena has a pro shop if you need to get your skates sharpened or buy any equipment before you play. Anyone who lives close to Colmar and loves to play ice hockey should definitely consider checking out Hatfield Ice Arena.

Oaks Center Ice in Oaks, PA

Oaks Center Ice holds a special place in my heart as I played there for 5 years. I played for the Philadelphia Little Flyers and our home arena was Oaks Center Ice. Oaks is a great place to play and they offer something for all levels of hockey players. Oaks Center Ice is located at 87 Brower Avenue in Oaks, PA. If you’re using Google Maps for directions, use Phoenixville as the city. What’s great about Oaks Center Ice is that they actually have two rinks within their facility. Anyone living in or around the King of Prussia, Norristown, and/or Phoenixville areas should definitely skate at Oaks Center Ice the next time you’re looking to play.

Wintersport Ice Sports Arena in Willow Grove, PA

Wintersport Ice Sports Arena is another ice hockey rink that I love. I used to play against the Royals there all the time when I was playing for the Bristol Blazers (we used to dominate them, lol). Wintersport Ice Sports Arena is located right around the corner from the Willow Grove Mall at 551 North York Road in Willow Grove, PA. Currently Wintersport is undergoing some construction, so they are closed until July 17th, but they’ll be back up and running after that. They offer all kinds of ice hockey clinics and camps. You can even have your birthday party there. It’s a great place to skate if you live in or around Willow Grove.

Click here for a complete list of the ice hockey rinks in Pennsylvania. 

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