The beginnings of DUB Fitness can be traced all the way back to owner Erica Walsh’s days in the United States Army. It was there that she discovered her passion for helping others meet their own personal health and fitness goals. The now 29 year old local resident and small business owner has brought her own personal brand of strength and conditioning programs to our local community. This months spotlight features King of Prussia’s very own, DUB Fitness!


Erica Walsh,; Owner of DUB Fitness

Growing up as a kid in nearby Roxborough, Erica Walsh had always stayed physically active from a very young age. In sixth grade she moved to Lafayette Hill with her family where she continued to play sports while in grade school, and then years later at Kennedy Kenrick Catholic High School. After graduating high school, Erica enlisted in the United States Army where she completed two overseas tours and one combat tour in Iraq. Thanks to her leadership, intelligence and motivational skills, Erica became a Staff Sergeant, as well as a certified Fitness Trainer. It was while serving our country that Erica was able to rediscover her passion for physical fitness. A passion that she would soon use to help others in need.

PT or Physical Training was a part of everyday life in the Army, and in order to stay on active duty all US Army soldiers are required to perform and complete two annual PT Tests. Contrary to popular belief, staying physically fit while on active duty is a difficult thing to do. With so much down time many soldiers sometimes struggle to stay physically active, focused and motivated on staying in tip top shape. As a result, many of the soldiers whom Erica served with began struggling to meet the physical requirements of PT. Seeing an opportunity to help her brothers and sisters in arms,, Erica began creating custom programs designed to suit each and every soldiers needs. Thanks to the meticulous nature of these programs, Erica’s success rate with her fellow soldiers in training was a perfect 100%.
dub 1While she was stationed in Fort Leavenworth, a U.S. Army installment located in Kansas, Erica started to refine her programs. She grew, developed and fine tuned them into structured classes that she would bring back home to Montgomery County! After proudly serving 8 years in the U.S. Army, Erica returned home and started doing “in home” training sessions in and around the Lafayette Hill area. What started with just one client soon erupted into a fan base that kept her busier than she had ever imagine. With an extra push from her soon to be husband Dave, Erica decide to create a space where all of her clients could come and train together….and so DUB Fitness was born!

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Erica Walsh with DUB Fitness coach Ashley Razzano

Owner Erica Walsh is not an over the top drill sergeant and you won’t find any screaming or intimidation happeing at DUB Fitness. Although, Erica is certainly capable of yelling if it helps get you motivated! The studio offers classes that cover everything from small group fitness to personal training, youth fitness, meal planning, strength, conditioning, and so much more. For those trying to get fit quick, Erica offers modified boot camp classes, and even a bridal boot camp program!

The DUB Fitness Center is open to anyone and everyone who wants to get serious about improving their health, both physically and mentally! Whether you’re new to fitness or just trying to get back into shape, Erica’s programs are designed for all skill levels. Her immaculate studio provides a small, personal experience where the classes are different each day. The atmosphere at DUB Fitness helps each member receive an extremely high level of attention and care. It’s simply a close knit community of trainers, members and workout enthusiasts who are looking to better themselves and each other while having fun in the process!

Since it’s opening in April of 2013, Erica’s programs at DUB Fitness have helped hundreds of our local residents get pro-active about their health. The certified trainer and now proud business owner encourages her students to reach their own personal goals and even conducts physical tests once every 91 days to show her students the progression they are making. Erica is joined by her sister Megan Hanson, and Ashley Razzano. From running to yoga, strength to conditioning and everything in between, DUB Fitness is the perfect example of a small business doing amazingly big things for our local residents.
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In alignment with Erica’s character, DUB Fitness is all about giving back to the community. Her goal from the beginning was to help people achieve their own personal goals, and now she’s able to do it for the community members who live in and around one of Montco’s most happening areas, King of Prussia.

In order to help reach and help as many people as she can, Erica is currently studying kinesiology at West Chester University. She has also partnered with Whitemarsh Township to do outside workout programs for kids at Miles Park in Lafayette Hill. She continues to attend Spartan Races, Tough Mudder’s and 5k’s in our area with her soon to be husband Dave. Most recently, the young couple competed in, and finished the original Marathon Race in Athens, Greece! Erica and her team at DUB Fitness would like to invite all our residents to come see and experience what they’re all about, what have you got to lose!
DUB Fitness
303 East Church Road
King of Prussia, PA
(610) 704-0995
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