Skippack is home to a wide variety of restaurants that represent flavors from all over the world. Whether you fancy Italian, French, American or Japanese, the lovable Village of Skippack contains an incredible amount of culinary diversity to satisfy even the most specific of tastes. One of the most exciting new editions to Skippack’s impressive restaurant line up is none other than Carisma, a family owned and operated Mexican Restaurant with deep ties to their Latin American heritage. Owners Jose and Clemencia Aguilar have opened up their doors and their hearts to what has quickly become one of the most exciting and vibrant new culinary destinations in town.


With an emphasis on simple, fresh ingredients, Carisma Restaurant has created an eclectic new menu that features a diverse blend of flavors from Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and various regions of Latin America. The husband and wife team have combined their experience and passion to serve up some stunningly beautiful dishes that are sure to awaken your taste buds. What makes the food here even more impressive, is that Clemencia is not only the owner, but the head chef as well! Her 20 years of experience and culinary knowledge have been passed down to her from generations, and with the help of their daughter, these old world recipes, techniques and flavors will be passed on to generations to come. It literally is all in the family here at this cozy, BYOB restaurant. It’s also as far away from a corporate setting as you could imagine. The Aguilar family gained most of their restaurant experience cooking in New York City. Over the years, the booming geographic location helped them fine tune the business side of things while also providing an opportunity for the family to broaden and perfect their expertise of creating mouthwatering dishes derived from a multitude of cultures. In just 14 months, Carisma Restaurant has already achieved what looks and tastes like complete harmony within their food, and Skippack is the ideal place to offer it!


Classic ingredients and recipes found at Carisma Restaurant include mole, chorizo, salsa verde, guacamole, chipotle, fresh seafood, fruit, vegetables, steak, and so much more! Alone, these ingredients can be found just about anywhere, but what makes them really shine is their role in Carisma’s homemade dishes. The food here at Carisma Restaurant is prepped, cooked and prepared by the family in a small kitchen that might remind you of home. Collectively, the family has combined their experience and passion to serve our residents creatively beautiful dishes made from the most simple of ingredients.  They are genuinely dedicated to their food, just as much as the customer. The Aguilar’s passion and creativity have now become a brilliant expression of Mexican and Latin American food, one that that they welcome you to come out and try. Carisma is a BYOB Restaurant that serves guests for both lunch and dinner. There is a kid friendly menu here as well as vegetarian options to choose from.
IMG_2812-2When first walking through the doors of Carisma Restaurant you can expect to see an amazing array of South American sights, smells, and tastes! Then without missing a beat, you will be greeted and welcomed by Jose and his family. Seating here is available on the first floor, as well as an upstairs section that has a birds eye view of the kitchen. IMG_2806-2Carisma also boasts an outside patio that has great views of downtown Skippack. The center piece of the patio is a 10ft. pine tree that of course, is donned with lights at night making it the perfect setting for a bottle of wine, great food and friends. The food here speaks for itself, but the atmosphere and service help elevate the all around amazing “at home” experience you can expect to have at Carisma Restaurant. They welcome all their customers as if they were family and we’d say Skippack is the perfect place for them to be!


4042 Skippack Pike
Skippack, PA
(610) 615-5118
Follow On Facebook: Carisma Restaurant

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11:30am-9pm













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