Fall is the season for fun, festivities, and fashion. It’s the time for sweaters, coats, long sleeves, boots, and oh more boots! As the leaves start to change, the looks and styles of our local “fashionsitas” will undoubtedly change as well. It’s time to ditch the tank tops, flip flops and short shorts because fashions favorite time of the year has arrived in Montgomery County!

The first day of Fall is September 23rd, but there’s already a hint of crispness in the air. So, in keeping with all that’s new, here are nine Fall fashion trends that will be sure to turn heads this season…..

1. Super high waistlines. A wide array of well known clothing brands have brought new life back to the 70’s style of high waisted jeans. Not only does the high waist provide a sheik and elegant look, it helps make your waist appear smaller, while adding some extra length to your legs!
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2. As much as Pumpkin Spice has become a staple of the Fall season, so has Plaid! From coats to dresses to backpacks, handbags and scarves, plaid has quietly made its mark on just about every aspect of women’s fashion in recent years. Plaid patterns can create a more slimming look and bring warmth and comfort to just about any outfit. If you’re headed out to the pumpkin patch, apple orchards or hayrides, don’t forget to rock the Plaid!
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3. Bling bling! That’s right, out comes flashy earrings, chunky necklaces and cocktail rings, the bigger the sparkle, the more fashionable the look. Keep an eye out for runway worthy pendants, broaches, rings, and necklaces, and then dust off your own. Don’t be afraid to add two or three pieces to your look and you’re ready to dazzle.
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4. Also back from the 70’s, is the over sized and ever-impressive bucket bag! Throw one over your shoulder and voila`, you have an instant new look….one that screams sophistication, cuteness and convenience all rolled into one!
fashion 75. Fur is in, faux fur that is and it’s hotter than ever this year. Whether it’s a fur vest or coat, faux fur can bring class to something as simple as a little white t-shirt when worn together. As the temperature dips have some fun by adding a little faux fur. As long as it’s animal free, fur is a look that is sure to be a thumbs up in your wardrobe.
fashion 46. Comfortable and purposeful describes the versatile Poncho. Bright new colors and patterns have updated the traditional blanket poncho. Add hidden sleeves and fun adornments like buttons and fringe and you have a whole new warm look for the Fall season.
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7. Slip on sneakers is another add-on for this Fall. Never before have slip-ons looked so stylish with new designs and color choices that pair nicely with jeans and stretch pants. Typically, slip on sneakers never looked good with jeans or stretch pants. They are perfect fit for cool girls just kicking it around town!
fashion 6When it comes to picking the right color to wear for the 2015 Fall season, there’s always a few colors that seem to never grow old. In step with the season, earthy tones are abundant and a staple for “the fashion forward” this year. For a bit more flash add a deep vibrant floral tone, not everything has to be brown or grey. Mix up your colors so that they compliment one another and add a twist to the same old, same old.  

One of our favorite things about Fall, along with Pumpkin Spice is the resurrection of our ever-expanding collection of comfortably worn and much loved boots. Knee high, mid calf or ankle, are all essential styles for our standard winter wear. With the being said, boot socks are a great way to add an extra level of “cuteness” to your look. Not only are they inexpensive and incredibly comfortable, they come in just about every pattern and color imaginable!

Start this Fall season by taking stock of what you already have in your closet. Oversized sweaters, mini skirts, black flat boots, plaid and flare pants are all making a comeback! Don’t hesitate to mix and match the old with the new, a button down plaid top with your boot leg jeans and a great set of 1980’s statement earrings. And, roll up your sleeves for a more finished styled look. Do you have a chunky oversized sweater? Add a pair of tights and a mini skirt for a smart layered look. The sweater provides a sense of comfort and effortless style while the skirt makes your outfit both fun and flirty.

Your 2015 Montco Fall Fashion Trends are presented by Timeless Styles, a long-time favorite Montgomery County boutique with a new location in Lansdale! Timeless Styles carries stylish and affordable boutique style clothing for both misses and women in sizes x-small to 3x. Sought-after designers include Betsey Johnson, Bijoux, Anne Koplik, and Mikala’s Gem Jewelry.
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