Montco Happening is honored to introduce our readers to local resident, mother, wife and business owner, Andreana Chryssos. The young entrepreneur has turned her love and passion for healthy living into a business that is now providing our residents with a smart solution to health and wellness, in the most convenient of ways. After years of school, travel and personal growth, Andreana has brought the increasingly popular Jamba Juice franchise to Montgomery County with locations in King of Prussia and Willow Grove, with a third in nearby Malvern. In great part to her passion, drive, and positive contributions to our community, Andreana and her Jamba Juice locations have made the list of small businesses featured in this months spotlight, King of Prussia Happening!

After graduating from Conestoga High School, Andreana headed to Florida where she became a full time student and athlete at the University of Miami. Like most college students, Andreana’s schedule was highly demanding from the start, leaving her little time to focus on healthy eating. Then Andreana stopped into the Jamba Juice located on the university campus, and the rest was history! Thanks to their smoothies, juices and bowls, Jamba Juice helped provide Andreana a healthy alternative to college campus dining. One that was fast, delicious, and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to help her get through the day, and all four years at college. It wouldn’t be until years later that she would bring the health driven franchise back to the area she calls home.

After graduating from the University of Miami, the future small business owner attended law school at Syracuse University. She planned to be a corporate lawyer, dealing in mergers and acquisitions for “big business”.  Although her credentials and work ethic were more than capable of becoming a successful lawyer, the corporate world just didn’t suit the imaginative and passionate business woman. Andreana never forgot how successful and popular the Jamba Juice was in Florida, and how much it helped her stay well balanced, energetic and healthy throughout a fast paced schedule. After researching the Jamba Juice company, preparing and planning, Andreana created her own opportunity to bring Jamba back toSONY DSC her roots! With three current locations, and two more scheduled to open, we’d say the young wife and mother has already made the best of that opportunity. Andreana now lives in King of Prussia with her husband Emanuel and their adorable 7 month old daughter, Avra.

After the success of the first location in King of Prussia, the 30 year old entrepreneur was able to open and staff another location in Willow Grove, and then a third in nearby Malvern. The King of Prussia location was opened in 2013 and can be found right outside the food court where it is providing shoppers a healthy boost to help them get through the angst and stress of holiday shopping. With great flavors and options, Jamba Juice is a perfect healthy choice for all ages! Staying true to what Andreana and the company she runs believes in, you won’t find any additives, syrups, food coloring or dyes in their products, it’s all natural!

Customers here will find a long list of healthy ingredients which include; strawberries, bananas, wheat grass, pineapple, mango, peach, raspberries, and so much more! Their energy bowls are a delicious blend of fresh fruit, greek yogurt, soy milk and granola, you can even get them to go. Drinks can even be customized with a boost from a variety of antioxidants like zinc, chia seeds, whey or soy protein and pumpkin seeds! Jamba Juice has even come up with a 3 Day Juicing Routine and workout. Andreana and her Jamba Juice locations change their menu continuously, featuring all new options and diversity throughout the seasons.

What helped Andreana make her decision to become a part of the Jamba Juice family was not just their healthy smoothies and snacks, but their desire to help the local communities around them. As she learned more about the company and their mission, the decision to become a part of it became easier and easier. Jamba Juice helps provide an immense amount of support to some incredible charities and organizations throughout the world, some which include GenYouth, the American Heart Association and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.. They also provide programs, schooling and grants to local communities near each location. Each year, the company donates over $1.7 million to support local communities in need, and over 140 school gardens have received “It’s All About the Fruits and Veggies” garden grants. They also offer easy fundraising options perfect for your local sports teams and organizations. As a huge supporter of her local community, Andreana blended in perfectly with the Jamba Juice company and message, and our community is a little bit healthier because of it!

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